Master Jeweler Stacy Haviland opens up about ancient inspirations and legacy.

This week I am sharing the work of my friend and master jeweler, Stacy Siroon Haviland. I met Stacy about 7 years ago when we were both member artists in a cooperative gallery in Topanga, CA. Stacy uses her art to go deep into the collective unconscious, linking our ancestral past to contemporary culture with homages to the decorative and expressive art movements of Paris in the late 1800’s.

Stacy’s journey down this path started with her grandmother, Siroon Mangurian, a survivor of the Armenian genocide. Siroon was a…

How a Brush with Death led to a Creative Life

This week I’m talking to my friend and Los Angeles visionary painter, Robert Soffian. I’ve known Robert for years and have always enjoyed his dry wit and interesting philosophical views about life and art.

He has been a poet, performance artist, creative lighting director, theatrical director, filmmaker, teacher, and painter. Under all of these hats runs a through-line of exploration: seeking new ways to communicate universal themes about life, death, spirit, and existence through art.

Robert grew up in New York City, hanging out with the kids of artists like…

Quarantine, Art and the Road Ahead.

As I wait for my vaccination eligibility I am reflecting on the past year of “stay home.” When quarantine first dropped I spent months just gaping in horror at each day’s new tally of victims from this invisible killer. I was stunned, caught in a cobra-trance by the TV news. In the 3rd month of quarantine, May 25, 2020, George Floyd was murdered by Minneapolis police office, Derek Chauvin, and the US streets erupted with anger. This broke my coma. …

One artist’s shifting perspectives on life, epic poetry and living history.

This week I’d like to share the work of my friend and fellow artist, Heather Lowe. Heather lives in a part of Los Angeles known as Koreatown, or in LA jargon, “K-Town.” Her studio is located in Downtown LA at Keystone Art Space. Heather’s artworks seem technically modern and complex, but they are also familiar, bringing back memories of shifting portraits with eyes that follow you.

Heather makes her art using a process called Lenticular printing. A lenticular is a ribbed lens with several images adhered onto the back…

Tea-making and Creative Mindfulness

I used to be a hard-core coffee drinker, the stronger the better, cream no sugar. My favorite variety was a dark, spicy Indonesian blend, which required regular visits to my local barista to restock.

Then, (rapid scene change) I got diagnosed with cancer. Boom! Hel-lo! Don’t worry, coffee lovers — the cancer was the result of a genetic glitch, not the coffee. I spent the next three months in a cancer crash course with hands-on lessons in chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. Thankfully, I passed with flying colors.

I recovered, but my body was a little bit…

I am an LA artist, rescue dog mom, tea enthusiast and storyteller. I will be casual-posting here about art, nature, people and tea. No stress. This first story is about my search for family roots which led to creative inspiration.

I grew up in a house full of books. My favorites were collections of legends, myths and fairytales from around the world. As a kid in a small town, magical stories took me out of my insular New Jersey suburb and into lands of wonder and possibility. They also gave me some props with which to construct an ancestral heritage…

Sarah Stone

Painter, Habitat Gardener, Shelter Dog Addict & L.A. Anecdotalist, writing about Life, Nature & Art. IG@sarahstoneart

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