Master Jeweler Stacy Haviland opens up about ancient inspirations and legacy.

This week I am sharing the work of my friend and master jeweler, Stacy Siroon Haviland. I met Stacy about 7 years ago when we were both member artists in a cooperative gallery in Topanga, CA. Stacy uses her art to go deep into the collective unconscious, linking our ancestral past to contemporary culture with homages to the decorative and expressive art movements of Paris in the late 1800’s.

Stacy’s journey down this path started with her grandmother, Siroon Mangurian, a survivor of the Armenian genocide. Siroon was a…

Sarah Stone

Painter, Habitat Gardener, Shelter Dog Addict & L.A. Anecdotalist, writing about Life, Intention, Nature & Creativity. IG@sarahstoneart

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