How a Brush with Death led to a Creative Life

This week I’m talking to my friend and Los Angeles visionary painter, Robert Soffian. I’ve known Robert for years and have always enjoyed his dry wit and interesting philosophical views about life and art.

He has been a poet, performance…

One artist’s shifting perspectives on life, epic poetry and living history.

This week I’d like to share the work of my friend and fellow artist, Heather Lowe. Heather lives in a part of Los Angeles known as Koreatown, or in LA jargon, “K-Town.” Her studio is located in Downtown LA…

Tea-making and Creative Mindfulness

I used to be a hard-core coffee drinker, the stronger the better, cream no sugar. My favorite variety was a dark, spicy Indonesian blend, which required regular visits to my local barista to restock.

Then, (rapid scene change) I got diagnosed with cancer. Boom! Hel-lo! Don’t…

Sarah Stone

Painter, Habitat Gardener, Shelter Dog Addict & L.A. Anecdotalist, writing about Life, Nature & Art. IG @SarahStoneArt

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